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PTA Job Descriptions

PTA PRESIDENT (Executive Board)

  • Direct the affairs of the association with the other members of the executive board for the term of the office specified in the WoodCreek Jr. High PTA bylaws
  • Directing monthly board meetings
  • Directing general meetings during the year (4)
  • Attneding any special meetings needed throughout the year
  • President does not have a budget


Treasurer (Executive Board)

  • Receive and distribute money as sent forth in the budgets
  • Maitain orderly record of financial documents and complete tax document records
  • Audit to start of the year with correct forms and documents
  • Pay bills, deposit all monies within three (3) days of receipt.
  • Run organized and efficient budget meeting committees
  • Remain up to date on bylaws and standing rules
  • Pay taxes on time


VP VIPS (Executive Board)

  • Maintain an electronic list of all volunteers with name, contact information and preference of activity
  • Lead orientation kickoff in the beginning of the school year
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will coordinate with WCJH principal and chairman of each committee to assign and fill their faculty, staff and PTA requests for volunteers 
  • Contact all volunteers in a personal manner and maintain engagement to promote a relationship between PTA and volunteers.
  • Assess the need for volunteers in all areas of school
  • Provide training and guidance to all volunteers.
  • Show appreciation for volunteers
  • Report volunteer hours monthly
  • Investigate and consider additional areas for volunteer opportunities


Secretary (Executive Board)

  • Attend Executive and General board meetings
  • Request all Plans of Work from PTA Board in the beginning of the year
  • Acquire signatures for the ethics document in the beginning of the year
  • Send meeting reminders to PTA board about meetings
  • Weekly requests for eNews from all board members and committees to submit to
  • WCJH Secretary.
  • Lead the yearly ByLaws meeting to review, update and submit for approval.
  • Assist President with meetings
  • Maintain binder including Plans of Work, Ethics signatures, meeting minutes, motion documents, PTA membership lists, etc.


VP of Membership (Executive Board)

  • Facilitate the work of the membership committee and ensures timely, accurate communication with other PTA committees and officers.
  • Collect membership dues
  • Early Bird dues for reporting members to TX PTA
  • Fall membership reporting
  • Founders Dinner
  • Attend Rally day in Austin
  • Gather a committee to select individuals for recognition by awarding TX PTA Honorary
  • Life Membership and TX PTA extended service award.
  • Report Newly elected officers to TX PTA via the local officer information form.
  • Attend summer national PTA convention, Leadership seminars, annual convention, etc.


VP Fundraising (Executive Board)

  • Plan and oversee fundraisers for the school
  • Raise money for programs
  • Run Fall and Spring fundraisers (Big Kahuna and Howlapalooza)
  • Identify vendors
  • Identify possible donors and sponsors
  • Obtain donations via local businesses and possible corporate donations


Parliamentarian (Executive Board)

  • Advise the presiding officer, other officers and members of the PTA on matters of parliamentary procedures.
  • Read and study the bylaws and standing rules and Roberts Rules of order.
  • Attend all meetings.


VP Programs (Executive Board)

  • Responsible for PTA sponsored school programs
  • Research book and fund student programs
  • Identify grade level needs and coordinate programs. Coordinate visits for great outcome
  • Coordinate programs to support curriculum
  • Preform duties of VP as outlined by bylaws and standing rules.


8th Grade Celebration

  • Plan and coordinate the year’s 8th grade celebration within the guidelines and budget put forward by TX PTA and WCJH PTA.
  • Develop and approve theme
  • Book the date with WCJH principal
  • Book venue (if appropriate), DJ, balloons, photo booth, etc
  • Lead committee meetings
  • Kickoff advertising of event
  • Print invitations
  • Coordinate ticket sales, decorations, props, snacks, drinks
  • Request donations and find sponsors


Workroom Coordinator

  • Help Staff with workroom requests
  • Positions and Committee Descriptions
  • Coordinate schedule for volunteers as needed
  • Maintain workroom and supplies


Social Media/Publicity

  • Keep parents updated on deadlines, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and to get photos and articles ab out WCJH published in local news publications.
  • Update WoodCreek JH parents and WoodCreek JH PTA Facebook pages.
  • Monitor public social media sites for inappropriate content
  • Find alternative ways to have WCJH and events known to the public and parents



  • Update and maintain the WCJH PTA website, PTA roster, calendar, Hika Shop & articles are correct.
  • Collect info from OTHS and KHS for articles
  • Maintain GoDaddy emails and monitor.


Fun Food Friday

  • Coordinate with WCJH principal and PTA President the dates in which Fun Food
  • Friday will occur
  • Send eNews notifications about the date of FFF with specifics of items, prices, etc.
  • Purchase items which will be offered for sale (Chick-fil-A, pizza, candies, beverages).
  • Request volunteers and organize locations of sales throughout the school.
  • Setup and Teardown on the day of event



  • Organize donations and set-up/teardown for WCJH staff hospitality events.
  • Produce 7-10 staff evetns and assist additional events as needed
  • Back to school lunch, grab and go snacks for teacher’s lounge (M&M day), pies provided to each teacher and staff for Thanksgiving, treat bags in mailboxes in conjuction with the 12 days of Christmas.


Library Liaison

  • Setup a schedule for shelf check and shelving
  • Coordinate with librarian when she will need volunteers


Spiritwear Coordinator

  • Research different vendors
  • Decide on a theme or design for the new school year’s spirit wear (with approval of WCJH principal)
  • Discuss with vendors and submit orders
  • Sell spirit wear at different events (TNT, WOW, VIPS and any other event).
  • Coordinate online sells.



  • Maintains a record of the activities and achievements of the PTA.



  • Manages Reflections contest for our school. (The PTA's national/state arts competition.)
  • Advertises to solicit entries, coordinates judging.


Spirit Nights

  • Works with the area restaurants and businesses to coordinate events where PTA receives a percentage of proceeds.